Federal Drone Pilot Program Overview

The Town of Holly Springs supports the lawful and safe operation of drones. Unmanned aerial vehicles represent a significant part of the future of transportation, and Holly Springs supports this technology to better the lives of its citizens and Town. Drone operators shall respect the safety and privacy of the public. For applicable drone laws and regulations visit FAA.gov/UAS and NCDOT.gov/divisions/aviation/uas. Holly Springs is committed to keeping current on drone laws and technologies and will adopt best drone practices and technologies as they are developed and proven.

Holly Springs could become one of the first locations in the country with a business delivering packages to homes using a drone.

Flytrex, the Israeli start-up responsible for launching the world’s first autonomous urban drone delivery system in Reykjavik, Iceland, hopes to begin operating in Holly Springs, subject to regulatory approval. The company is partnering with Causey Aviation, which will be the program operator.

It would start with takeout delivery from Holly Springs Towne Center to a delivery location at Ting Park, across the park road from the tennis courts. 

The program is expected to expand gradually over time. At first, the drones would operate under existing Federal Aviation Administration restrictions limiting flights to daytime, line-of-sight operations that don’t fly directly over people. Initially, only one drone would be flying at a time.

Holly Springs and Flytrex are part of a broad-ranging, three-year national program to safely test innovative uses of drones. They are working with the N.C. Department of Transportation, which heads a team of industry and government partners.

Assistant Engineering Director Aaron Levitt, who represents Holly Springs on the drone testing team, said participation could bring national attention to the town. “We would galvanize the town’s brand as far as being cutting-edge, innovative,” he said.