Economic Prosperity & Diversity

Economic Prosperity & DiversityHolly Springs provides a climate where a wide variety of businesses thrive with economic opportunity for all. 


1. Enhance, attract, and engage diverse economic development opportunities.

  • Initiative 1.1: Concentrate business recruitment efforts in the target industries of Wake County Economic Development, specifically Life Sciences, Advanced Manufacturing, IT & Technology, Clean Tech & Smart Grid and Corporate or Divisional headquarters.
  • Initiative 1.2: Pursue site-readiness programs and infrastructure investments to boost the attractiveness of the Town’s strategic sites.
  • Initiative 1.3: Be a development resource to support, sustain, and grow small businesses, start-ups, and entrepreneurs.

2. Create a vibrant downtown center.

  • Initiative 2.1: Facilitate multi-modal accessibility to the downtown center, with an emphasis on walkability, pedestrian and bicycle safety.
  • Initiative 2.2: Enhance place-making in the downtown area through beautification, branding, and artistic elements.
  • Initiative 2.3: Explore interest and models for a Downtown Village District Business Consortium that provides an opportunity for the downtown business community to connect, collaborate, and liaise with the Town.

3. Seek partnerships to drive economic development.

  • Initiative 3.1: Proactively engage with the Holly Springs Chamber of Commerce, Wake County Economic Development, and other strategic business partners to promote the advantages and opportunities of doing business in Holly Springs.
  • Initiative 3.2: Attract business partners that support amateur sports, hospitality and leisure tourism activities.
  • Initiative 3.3: Connect strategic partners in the development community that facilitate life science, laboratory, and industrial flex space to support growing demand.