Cass Holt Road Park

Town staff and consultants are getting to work on a master plan for Holly Springs’ first park west of N.C. 55. The 56-acre site is on Cass Holt Road across from Holly Springs High School. It consists of former farmland with woods at the edge, plus a stream and pond, and a house and large workshop.

The Town is under contract with design firm, CLH Design to complete a master plan for the park and to develop design documents for the first phase of construction. Public feedback will help Parks and Recreation staff and consultants evaluate potential uses and programming.

Developing the Park in Phases

The first phase is expected to cost $3 million to $3.5 million. Much of that will be for infrastructure such as water and sewer lines, restrooms, road improvements, and parking. Trails, play areas and public gathering space are other possible phase 1 features.

Although initial development will focus on infrastructure, park planners also are seeking feedback on what might be included in subsequent phases as part of the master plan for Cass Holt Road Park.

The open, relatively level fields could be especially suitable for more active recreation uses, such as ballfields, tennis courts, aquatics, or possibly a community center. Woods at the back of the site could be ideal for trails or for observing nature.

A draft master plan is expected to be available for Town Council consideration next February. First-phase design would follow, with construction likely starting in late 2022 or early 2023.

With Holly Springs’ population expected to top 50,000 by 2025, the Town has a goal of having 9.6 acres of parkland per 1,000 residents. The idea is to spread parks equitably throughout Holly Springs to maximize how many residents are within a 10-minute walk of one.

Contact Information

Matt Beard, Park Planner 

(919) 567-4018  or

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View the three concept plans here!

Concept 1: Conservation and Community

Concept 2: Play and Open Space

Concept 3: Athletics, Adventure, and Aquatics


Survey Results

Survey 1

Click here to view survey #1 questions and results

Thank you to the 1,152 participants who took our survey, we used your feedback to design our Concept Plans!

Survey closed at Midnight on September 22, 2021

Survey 2

Click here to view survey #2 questions and results

Thank you to the 759 participants who took our survey, we're now working with the design team to create a single Master Plan proposal based on your feedback in the surveys and in person at our November 6 event.

Survey closed at Midnight on November 14, 2021