Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I contact the Town if I plan to open a manufacturing business in the Town of Holly Springs?
Yes. Please contact the Town if you are opening a commercial business, planning to manufacture items, and will be using the sewer system to dispose of process wastewater. A wastewater survey will need to be completed to determine if permitting or additional pretreatment measures are needed.

2. Will the Town of Holly Springs require my business to have a wastewater discharge permit?
Depending on the type and volume of process wastewater that will be disposed, a wastewater discharge permit may be required. Certain types of industrial process wastewater discharges require a permit prior to discharging to the sanitary sewer system. Please contact the Town’s Pretreatment Staff at (919) 577-2273 for more information.

3. Will the Town inspect my facility for compliance with the Sewer Use Ordinance?
The Town may conduct a scheduled or unannounced inspection of your facility. Periodically, the Town requires commercial and industrial businesses to complete an industrial wastewater survey. The industrial wastewater survey is used to help identify the types and potential hazards of process wastewaters that may be discharged to the sanitary sewer. An inspection may be conducted as a follow up to the survey. A site inspection may also occur if a problem is noted or suspected in the sanitary sewer system.