Avent Ferry & Holly Meadow Signal


Installing traffic signals and signalized pedestrian crosswalks at the intersection of Avent Ferry and Holly Meadow roads closest to Cass Holt Road. This project will improve both pedestrian and vehicular safety and flow at one of the entrances to the Holly Glen neighborhood near local elementary, middle and high schools.

The signalized intersection will allow the same full range of vehicular movements currently allowed at the intersection. Signalized crosswalks will allow pedestrians safer access across both Holly Meadow Drive and Avent Ferry Road.

The intersection currently is controlled by stop signs on Holly Meadow Drive and at the daycare entrance.

Anticipated construction start: Early 2023
Anticipated construction completion: Approximately 8-12 months from construction start
Status: NCDOT is reviewing construction plans
Next Step: Right-of-way acquisition

Signal at Holly Meadows