Sugg Farm Community Garden and Accessible Outdoor Amenities

Children playing on logs in an accessible nature play garden

The Town of Holly Springs is getting ready to build an accessible community garden at Sugg Farm and wants your feedback. The garden is planned to feature 30 raised garden beds for individual plot rental and is designated for the southernmost field near the greenway connection. Additional gardening beds are planned for camps, groups, and educational programming. Yard hydrants for watering and a perimeter fence to deter wildlife from grazing also are planned.

Project Timeline

Garden construction is planned to begin in spring 2024 with the garden opening next year. After it opens, the Town is planning to construct an accessible nature play area, enhancing natural land formations for unstructured active play. Holly Springs received a $500,000 grant from the N.C. Parks and Recreation Trust Fund Accessibility for Parks project to support these efforts. 

Community Garden Benefits

Community gardens build - you guessed it - community! Gardeners work together, share tips and stories, and enjoy each others’ successes. Community gardens also:

  • Encourage people to be outdoors and reconnect with nature
  • Increase food security in the area
  • Give more people access to healthy produce
  • Allow opportunities for exercise and stress relief
  • Provide educational experiences and mentoring for novice gardeners
  • Give everyone a chance to garden

The community garden also will benefit the environment by:

  • Reducing rain runoff
  • Increasing biodiversity
  • Providing a place to recycle local organic materials for compost
  • Reducing surface and air temperatures by providing more vegetative cover
Conceptual layout image for future Community Garden at Sugg Farm Park

Phase II: Nature Play Area and Sensory Trail

The Town plans to seek a special consultant to design an accessible nature play space that incorporates natural land formations for unstructured active play. Several stations could use sound, tactile enrichment, and visual contrast to provide unique outdoor, inclusive experiences for children of all abilities to play together. This project will begin after the community garden project is completed.

Children playing in community garden