Crime Prevention

Police and ChildrenPreventing Crime

The Holly Springs Police Department offers home and business security inspection, domestic violence referrals, and many other services for a safe community. Officers are ready to meet with citizens about neighborhood issues or crime prevention tactics. They can advise citizens on starting or rejuvenating Neighborhood Watch programs.

Locking your Vehicle

Locking your vehicle substantially reduces the likelihood that thieves will break into it. Don’t leave cell phones, laptops, or other valuables where thieves can see them.

ATM Safety

Practice safety at ATM machines; they’re safest to use during daylight and when other people are around. Remain aware of your surroundings. 

Bicycle Registration

Download a registration form to fill out and mail to us. Look for the manufacturer’s registration number under the pedals or on the frame near the rear tire. If you can’t find that number, visit the Police Department for a bicycle identification sticker to use instead. Registration can help us return your bike if it’s lost or stolen. 


For more information about the department’s Neighborhood Watch, Identity Theft Awareness, or other crime prevention efforts, call (919) 552-7110.