About Town Council Agendas

Preparation of the Agenda

The Town Council agenda is a tool to enable council to do the business of the Town in an efficient and transparent manner. Items are placed on the agenda at the request of staff, the town attorney, or members of the management team. Items also can be placed on the agenda at the request of the mayor or a council member.

Distribution of the Agenda

The agenda is distributed to the Mayor and Council electronically and published to the website for the public on the Thursday evening before each regular meeting, or as soon as is practical thereafter. Click here for the next meeting agenda.

For business meetings, the agenda packet (the supporting materials) is published with the agenda. Workshop meetings normally have agendas, but not agenda packets.

Minutes from Past Meetings

Minutes are published after they have been approved by Council, which normally occurs at the next business meeting. Approved minutes are published to the website the day after they are approved. Click here for Council meeting minutes.