Vendor Information 2021

Festival packets were mailed on Tuesday, October 19. Packets were also emailed on Monday, October 25. Packet information is also listed below. Information is subject to change. 

Vendor Letter
Vendor Map
Vendor Booth Space Numbers

Application Process

All applications are accepted on a first come, first served basis.  The Town reserves the right to reject any vendor it deems unacceptable.

Sponsor interest forms are available now through Wednesday, September 15, 2021 at 11:59 p.m.

Vendor applications open for Holly Springs based businesses and organizations on Monday, June 14, 2021 at 9 a.m. Applications for businesses and organizations outside of Holly Springs open on Monday, June 21 at 9 a.m. Applications will close on Thursday, September 30 at 11:59 p.m. or when the festival is at capacity.

Business and organizations outside of Holly Springs that apply before June 21 at 9 a.m. will have to reapply to be considered.

*Please note that the Business Expo is sponsored by the Holly Springs Chamber of Commerce and may have different rules and deadlines from the other applications. For information please visit the Chamber’s website here.


Sponsorship Packages $500, $1,000, & $2,500
Commercial Concessionaire $100
Holly Springs Nonprofit Concessionaire $50
Electricity (for concessionaires only) $25
Harvest Artisan Market, Children’s Corner, and Nonprofits* $60
Business Expo Fees are determined by the Holly Springs Chamber of Commerce. Please review their application and fees here.

*Holly Springs Nonprofits (not including nonprofit concessionaires) can have booth fees waived if they submit their 501©(3) tax exempt certificate with an address located within the Town limits of Holly Springs.

Fees must be paid in full within 1 week of notification of acceptance. If needed, vendors may pay for multiple spaces. Vendors are responsible for collecting and reporting applicable sales tax.  This event is rain or shine. No refunds for withdrawal of application, failure to acquire proper permitting or exemption through Wake County, failure to obtain and submit a Sales Use and Tax Certificate from NC Department of Revenue, or no-shows.

Check In and Setup

Vendor check in is 6:30-9 a.m. the morning of the event. Vendors are allowed to drive onto the event field to unload supplies, but all vehicles must be cleared from the event field by 9 a.m. Any vendors arriving after 9 a.m. will be required to park and carry supplies from the parking area to their assigned booth space. Displays must be completed and aisles cleaned by 9:30 a.m. regardless of arrival time, so please come early. You may experience some wait time when checking in so be prepared and allow plenty of time for traffic.

Display Space

Booth spaces are 10' X 10'. All vendors must furnish their own display equipment and provide the necessary protection from the elements. Sandbags, tent pegs, or other tent weights are required. Each vendor must stay in his/her assigned booth space. No signage, advertising, or selling can be done outside of this space. All displays are to be in good taste, neat and maintain a professional appearance. No canopies, tables, or chairs will be provided. Electricity is only available for concessionaires with a separate fee. Water or sewer disposal is not available. The Town of Holly Springs will determine the placement of booths and vendors. Under no circumstance can a vendor “sublet,” transfer, or give their space assignment to anyone without written approval by the Holly Springs Marketing and Special Events Coordinator.

Unless exempt, vendors making sales will need to display their NC Department of Revenue Sales Use and Tax Certificate for the entirety of the event.

Festival Hours: 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

You must maintain your booth until closing. Early packing will not be allowed. Vehicles will not be allowed to remain in the booth area. Parking will be provided nearby. Prior to the festival, you will receive your booth space number, assigned set-up time, directions, map to the event, parking instructions, and other important information.

Breakdown and Cleanup

Breakdown cannot begin until the end of the event, which is 4 p.m. Event staff will tell vendors when they can bring their vehicles back on the field. All garbage must be placed in the provided dumpsters (event maps will be provided in festival packets prior to the event) and boxes must be broken down.

Vendor Applications

It is the right of the Town of Holly Springs to determine if the services provided by the vendor reflect the original intention of the event and add to the overall quality of the festival. No exceptions. Applications are accepted on a first-come basis. Generators or other motorized sources of power are not allowed. No vendor will be allowed to set up without the Application & Liability Release form signed and dated. Please make copies of this form for your own records. The Town of Holly Springs reserves the right to revoke or refuse to grant space at any time and shall not be liable to anyone for this action.

Harvest Artisan Market

All goods must be handmade by the crafter or artisan (kits and foreign or commercially made products are not permitted). Independent consultants representing a business such as Lia Sophia Jewelry, Creative Memories, Mary Kay, etc. may apply to the Business Expo. Selling or giving away food is prohibited in this area.

Homemade food items made by the vendor that are not concessionaire items may also be sold in the Harvest Artisan Market. Items including jams, jellies, spices, honey, decorative cookies, etc. are part of the Harvest Market. Vendors may only sell items approved through the application.

Vendors with food items must provide a COI listing the Town of Holly Springs as an additional insured and documentation of all permits and licenses from NC Department of Agriculture.

Harvest Artisan Market Vendors must provide photos of the product to be sold and the booth setup.

If you are required to have a NC Department of Revenue Sales Use and Tax Certificate, the certificate must be displayed at your booth the day of the event.

Children's Corner

The Children's Corner consists of organizations offering services or products geared toward children. Organizations participating in the children's corner must provide a children's activity. Examples of activities include games, crafts, giveaways, selling children's items, etc. Selling or giving away food is prohibited in this area.

If you are selling products or services at the event, you must submit your NCDOR sales use and tax certificate with your application. It must also be posted at your booth for the entirety of the event.

Concessionaire (Commercial and Holly Springs based Nonprofits)

Vendors selling food and beverages can apply here. Rates are available for both commercial and Holly Springs based Nonprofit organizations. Electricity is available with a $25 fee. The Town does not provide water or sewer disposal.

All items sold (including drinks, water, chips, cookies, etc.) must be listed on your application and approved by the Town. Menus are reviewed to minimize the number of duplicate items to ensure all vendors have a profitable day. Popular food items including but not limited to hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken fingers, ice desserts, etc. may be sold by up to three vendors. More specialized food items will be limited to one vendor. All vendors will be allowed to sell items such as baked goods (cake, cookies, brownies, etc.), chips and drinks. Applications are accepted on a first-come basis. Nonprofit concessionaires will be given priority on the first day of submission ONLY.

All concessionaires will be required to accept staff food vouchers from Town of Holly Springs staff during the event. These vouchers will be submitted at the completion of the event for reimbursement by check. To ensure proper payment, vendors will be given envelopes to keep their vouchers. Envelopes should be returned to event staff before leaving the event. Vouchers are in $1 increments. Vendors are not expected to make change.

Commercial concessionaire vendors are required to submit a certificate of insurance with the Town of Holly Springs, 128 S Main Street, Holly Springs, NC 27540 listed as an additional insured (you do not have to add the Town of Holly Springs as additional insured until you are accepted into the festival), a copy of your last inspection and permit, and copy of your NCDOR Sales Use and Tax Certificate.

Please be aware that additional permitting may be required from Wake County Environmental Services including the Temporary Food Establishment Permit (TFE). For information about Wake County requirements click here. Any permitting fees from Wake County should be submitted directly to Wake County.

Holly Springs based nonprofit concessionaires are required to complete the Wake County Environmental Services Documentation of Exemption and submit it with this application along with a tax exempt certificate. You can find the exemption form here.

All concessionaires are responsible for ensuring they are properly permitted.

Nonprofit Organizations

A non-profit organization, also "not-for-profit," is a legally constituted organization which exists for educational or charitable reasons, and not seeking or producing a profit or profits. Nonprofits established inside the Town limits of Holly Springs will have fees waived for one booth space. Holly Springs nonprofits need to submit their 501(c)(3) certificate. Location of nonprofit is determined by the address on the 501(c)(3) certificate. Selling or giving away food is prohibited in this area.

Business Expo (sponsored by the Holly Springs Chamber of Commerce)

Businesses can increase their exposure at this annual festival. Distribute coupons, literature, or promotional materials to encourage future business. Please note, Holly Springs Chamber of Commerce application timelines and rules may differ from Parks and Recreation applications. Be sure to read the Business Expo application in its entirety. For questions or more information, contact the Holly Springs Chamber of Commerce at (919) 567-1796.