Vehicle Break-Ins


Lock Your Doors

Most reports we take of this nature are crimes of opportunity. Please lock your doors.

Keep it Clean

Do not leave shopping bags, cases, or gym bags visible. Items laying in your vehicle may draw attention and be viewed as containing valuables.

Conceal Valuables

If you must leave valuables in your vehicle, conceal them in your glove box or another compartment, out of sight.

Remove Garage Door Openers

Instead of keeping your garage door opener in your vehicle, take it with you to prevent access to your garage.

Park in Sight

Park your vehicle under a floodlight if possible. Try to avoid parking in dark areas concealed by bushes, fences, or shadows.

Close Windows

This will help to prevent a criminal from using a tool to unlock your doors. An open window or sunroof will disable the pressure sensor in some car alarms.

Reporting a Vehicle Break-in

Call the Police

Notify the Police as soon as you discover your vehicle has been tampered with by calling (919) 552-7110. Or, dial 911 for emergencies.

Do not touch anything

Do not look through your vehicle to see what is missing; this prevents us from the possibility of getting fingerprints or other evidence.


We will respond as promptly as possible and will be able to provide you with a case number before we leave. Investigations take time. We will notify you of any developments in your case as we receive them.