Storm Drain Marker Program

MarkerMany people may not realize that the water entering a storm drain returns to the environment (creeks, ponds, rivers, lakes) without treatment. These are the same creeks, ponds, rivers and lakes we use for fishing and swimming, and that are sources of drinking water.

Through the town's storm drain marker volunteer program, you can mark storm drains in Holly Springs. Our markers read, "No Dumping, Drains to Stream." Information also is available to distribute to raise awareness about keeping storm drains clean and limiting what flows into them to rain water. The program is one way you can help protect water quality in Holly Springs and downstream.

Interested in participating? Call (919) 567-4011, email, or fill out this application and mail it to us at:
Town of Holly Springs Engineering Department
P.O. Box 8
Holly Springs, NC 27540
What else can you do to help?
  • Place grass clippings and lawn waste at the edge of your front yard and off the street pavement to prevent them from entering the storm drainage network. Click here for a flyer about properly disposing of yard waste.
  • Never dump anything down a storm drain or into streams, rivers, lakes or wetlands.
  • Keep driveways, sidewalks and gutters clean.
  • Make sure your yard is fully vegetated with no bare spots.
  • Compost your yard waste.
  • Use fertilizers sparingly and only when necessary.
  • Point gutter downspouts away from paved surfaces. Consider creating a rain garden to capture the water.
  • Take your car to a carwash instead of washing it in your driveway.
  • Check your car for leaks and make sure that you recycle or properly dispose of all automotive fluids.
  • Have your septic tank pumped and septic system maintained regularly.
  • Pick up after your pet.
  • If you see someone doing something that may be harmful report it by calling (919) 567-4011 or emailing