How can I get reclaimed water?
The Town's reclaimed water system delivers to customers connected to the system in the service area west of N.C. 55. Click here for a map of the service area, which shows where connections to the reclaimed water system could be built.

For residents: Properties that have reclaimed water available have two water meter boxes at the street. The potable water service has a standard gray metal-colored lid. The other meter box with a purple lid is for reclaimed water service.

  • If you have a reclaimed meter box and already have an irrigation system, it is connected to the reclaimed water system.

  • If you have a reclaimed meter box and want to install an irrigation system, contact the Town Code Enforcement Department at (919) 557-3915. You will need to apply for a permit to connect to the reclaimed water system.

For businesses and property owners along reclaimed water lines: To connect to the reclaimed water system, contact the Department of Public Works at (919) 552-5920 to arrange for an irrigation tap.

For developers building in the service area: For information about extending reclaimed water to your property, contact the Engineering Department at (919) 557-3938.

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