Scout Projects

The Town of Holly Springs Parks & Recreation Department is proud to partner with scouts to complete projects that help build skills and contribute to the community in meaningful ways. Parks & Recreation staff receives numerous requests annually for various boy and girl scout volunteer projects. For the scout and the project to be successful, staff has established a review process for project proposals.


  • Complete the online scout project application
  • The Town's scout project coordinator will review the application and evaluate the scout’s project ideas. 
  • The scout and Town staff will meet to define the timeline and project details.
  • The scout finalizes the plans for the project and sets up a meeting with the scout project coordinator to receive final approval of the project, funding sources, timeline, and work schedule.
  • Once the project is complete, the scout will request a final site visit from the scout project coordinator.
  • The scout will then need to submit a paper copy of the final project report that includes photos and documentation to the scout project coordinator, who will provide the final signature.

Requirements & Information

  • Present yourself in a professional manner in your communication with Town staff (phone calls, meetings, e-mails, etc.).
  • It is the responsibility of the scout to approach the Town with their own idea(s) for a project. Proposed projects should be mutually beneficial to the scout and the Town.
  • The scout must allow a minimum of four months to complete their project. The Town does not accept projects with “emergency” deadlines.
  • The scout needs to be prepared to make all contacts and communications required to successfully complete the project.
  • The project selected by the scout must be of a scope and level that can be accomplished by the scout and their crew. 
  • The Town of Holly Springs is not responsible for providing supplies or financial assistance of any kind for scout projects. The scout is responsible for receiving donations or financial assistance for and throughout their project.
  • The scout and everyone who is working on the project must sign the Town’s release and liability forms prior to performing any work on Town property.
  • A building permit may be required for certain construction projects. 
  • Call 811 at least three days before you dig and notify the Town at the same time.
  • Completion of the scout project application does not guarantee a project will be approved; it is just the first step in proposing a project.

Memorial at Veterans Park

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the scout project process. 

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