Garage Sales

General Requirements

  • A yard, garage, or porch sale is permitted in all zoning districts.
  • A permit is not required for the sale.
  • The sale is only allowed for three (3) days at a time and only up to two (2) sales per year.
  • Always check with your subdivision's Home Owner Association (HOA) for additional regulations and/or approvals.

Other Conditions

  • Only normal household merchandise may be sold.
  • Sale shall only be conducted during the hours from sunrise to sunset.
  • All personal property exhibited outdoors during a sale shall be placed within a building or structure or otherwise removed from the premises immediately following the end of the sale.
  • More than one owner may combine a sale onto one lot. 
  • Putting out signs? Contact us or information about when and where you can place the signs, or click here to view the Town code regarding yard sale signage [Article VI. Section 6-261(6)]. 

For more information, please see UDO Section 3.5.2 Specific Standards for Temporary Uses.