Community Survey

2021 Community Survey

The survey is a statistically-valid assessment of residents' perceptions of their community and satisfaction with the Town services they receive.

2021 Survey Results

2021 Survey Report

2021 Survey Maps

2021 Survey Comments

98 percent of residents surveyed who had an opinion rated the overall quality of life in Holly Springs as either excellent or good.

Major categories with the highest satisfaction ratings included fire, police, parks and recreation, and customer service. Residents' top priorities include management of traffic and growth and development.

Why the Survey was Conducted 

The purpose was to gather residents' opinions and feedback for an objective assessment of programs in order to improve them. 

The survey allows the Town to compare its performance with other communities and to set a baseline for future surveys.

How it was Conducted 

 The 2021 survey was conducted in November and December 2020 by ETC Institute, a national marketing research firm. 

ETC Institute distributed surveys online and by mail to a random selection of Holly Springs households. 

The overall results have a precision of +/- 4.2 percent at the 95 percent level of confidence.


 Contact the Communications and Marketing staff with questions about the survey.

What Residents Think