Golf Carts on Public Streets

Golf Cart InspectionThe Town of Holly Springs allows licensed drivers ages 18 and older to operate a properly registered golf cart on town streets with speed limits of 25 mph or less. Carts must be inspected annually by the Police Department before registration. The registration fee is $50 for the first year and $20 in subsequent years.

Registering a Golf Cart

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To register a golf cart and obtain the required annual permit, the cart must have these safety features installed: 

  • 2 operating front headlights, visible from a distance of at least 250 feet
  • 2 operating taillights, with brake lights and turn signals, visible from a distance of at least 250 feet
  • Rear vision mirror
  • At least 1 reflector per side
  • Parking brake
  • Seat belts for all seating positions on the golf cart
  • Windshield
  • Maximum of 3 rows of seats
  • Golf cart owners must maintain a valid insurance policy for their golf cart and show proof of the policy at the time of registration or renewal. The state minimum coverage is bodily Injury (one person) $30,000, bodily injury (two or more people) $60,000, and property damage $25,000.

Golf carts may not exceed 20 mph at any time, and the registration sticker should be placed on the most lower left corner of the driver’s side windshield to be legible to oncoming traffic.

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