Unified Development Ordinance

The Unified Development Ordinance is a single ordinance encompassing Town development regulations for new subdivisions and provides zoning regulations that specify permitted uses, building setbacks, architectural/aesthetic requirements, landscaping, signage and other development requirements for all property within the Town’s planning jurisdiction. Printed copies are available from the Development Services for a fee to cover printing costs.

Unified Development Ordinance Table of Contents
Section 1: Provisions of Common Applicability

Section 2: General Use District Regulations - Residential Districts
Section 3: General Use District Regulations - Commercial / Mixed-Use Districts

Section 4: General Use District Regulations - Industrial Districts
Section 5: Planned Unit Development General Use District

Section 6: Additional General Use Districts & Overlay Districts

Section 7: Special Regulations

Section 8: Regulations for Uncommon Uses
Section 9: Administration and Decision Making Bodies

Section 10: Enforcement

Section 11: Definitions

UDO Supplements

Since its adoption in 2002, the Town Council has amended the UDO to ensure that the regulations produce the development envisioned for the Town. As these amendments are approved by the Town Council, supplements to the UDO are prepared that replace only the pages affected by the changes to the ordinance. If you have purchased a copy of the UDO, it is recommended that you include supplements to keep your copy of the UDO up to date. The following is the latest supplement to the UDO that has been issued:

UDO Amendments

The following UDO Amendments have been adopted by the Town Council since the last UDO Supplement publishing: