Registering for a Program

1. Open the online registration website in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, and click the Search tab.

2. Click the "Search" menu item and select the appropriate activity search type from the "Activities" heading.

2. Activity Search Menu

3. Refine your search by selecting the appropriate criteria, or search by keyword by typing in the "Keyword Search" box. For this example, we are searching for an activity at the Holly Springs Cultural Center.

3. Refine Search_WebTrac Activity Search
Please note, if you would like to search by "Activity Number," you only need the seven (7) digit number preceding the hyphen as it appears in the HURRAHS Activity Guide. The two (2) digit number following the hyphen is the Section Number.

4. Click the "Search" button and view the search results.

4. Search Results
Each activity will list the number of Sections available, for example "2 Sections." Hover your mouse over the appropriate activity section count to activate the hyperlink. Click the Section link to view the details, including date, time, facility and pricing.

5. For this example, we will register for the Preschool Ballet/Tap activity. To view the section details, click on the "2 Sections" hyperlink.

Notice the status for activities that meet the search criteria. You can hover over the button in the "Add to Cart" column next to an unavailable activity to see the reason why it is not open for registration. Also, if an activity is full, you can add yourself to the wait list by checking the waitlist box to the left of the activity.

5. Section Details

6. Check the box in the "Add to Cart" column to the left of "Preschool Ballet/Tap - Saturday."

Notice our Preschool Ballet/Tap - Saturday selection appears at the bottom of the screen. If you wish to make more selections, you can do so before clicking "Add to Cart" at the bottom left of the screen.

Once all selections have been made, click "Add To Cart."

6. Activity Selection

7. Select the appropriate family member. Click "Continue."

7. Family Member Selection

Read the waiver and check the box beside "I agree with the above" to continue. If you have questions or concerns with the waiver, please come in to speak with a staff person before registering.

7. Waiver
Click "Continue."

8. Review the shopping cart and the total fees.

8. Shopping Cart
Click "Proceed to Checkout" to complete your transaction.