Holly Springs Citizens Academy

Applications for the 2024 Holly Springs Citizens Academy have closed, and 25 participants were selected for the program.

This Town Council initiative will help members of the community better understand how Holly Springs services work for them. The six-week academy will cover everything from public safety to budgeting to yard waste collection! In-person, hands-on, interactive sessions will provide participants an opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge of what it takes to serve the 50,000 residents and businesses that call Holly Springs home. Participants will also get to ask questions and get to know Town leaders and staff. 

Sessions cover: 

  • Overview of Town Government
  • Shaping Holly Springs: Planning for residential and business growth 
  • Safety: Behind the scenes with Holly Springs Police and Fire
  • Keeping the Town Running (Above & Below the Ground) 
  • What’s Next for Parks & Recreation 
  • Money Matters & Tackling Traffic 

In-person sessions will be held Thursday evenings at various Town facilities with graduation planned for the April 16 Town Council meeting. Each session will include an introduction followed by interactive, hands-on activities. Evenings will be concluded with a group Q&A session with staff. Sessions also will include an informal meal where participants can enjoy friendly conversations and build relationships.