Digital Submittals

  • Permit & Development Portal Opens in new windowAll submittals are now digital utilizing the portal.
  • All digital submittals are due by NOON on Fridays to be routed for review the following week.
  • You must register for a portal account to submit or pay fees.
  • Use the following file naming convention for all submittal types: ProjectName_Phase or Revision_ReviewNumber_SubmittalDate.pdf
  • Plan sets must be uploaded as one complete document, not individual pages.
  • For resubmittals, upload to the same project number and application.
  • For revisions, open a new application and a new project number will be assigned.
  • Staff will review all submittals Monday following the NOON Friday deadline to determine if it has been accepted. If fees are due, staff will reach out no later than Wednesday morning.  Preliminary plan fees must be paid before a project is routed. 
  • Review fees must be paid upon receipt. Failure to pay review fees may result in delays.
  • Use the most current version of applications, fees, and schedules, on the For Development & Design Professionals webpage.
  • For questions about submittals, please email the Development Services Intake Team

You must complete each step below before moving towards a complete submittal for review. 

Failure to follow these guidelines will result in an incomplete submittal and delay your review timeline. 

  • Talk to staff and schedule a general inquiry meeting.
  • Complete the special study scoping form and email it to
  • Attend your special study scoping meeting.
  • Complete your special studies.
  • Schedule and host your neighborhood meeting (if required).
  • Request a sketch plan (pre-application) meeting through the portal.

Preliminary plan reviews, which include all special studies, must be submitted concurrently to be deemed a complete submittal. 

Click here for review schedules. 

Note: Submittal does not guarantee placement on a particular meeting agenda. 

Plan sets must be uploaded as one complete document. 

Staff will contact you once your submittal has been accepted. 

Review fees must be paid upon receipt. Failure to pay review fees may result in delays.