General Inquiry and Sketch Plan (Pre-Submittal) Meetings

Planning to develop in Holly Springs? Before submitting a development application, general inquiry and sketch plan (pre-submittal) meetings provide opportunities to: 

  • troubleshoot project issues to allow for a more streamlined review process 
  • gain a better understanding of the Town's development process 
  • meet with Town staff, such as representatives from Development Services (land use and zoning, civil improvements, building code).

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General Inquiry Meetings

General inquiry meetings provide general information about the procedures, standards, and regulations required for development in Holly Springs. In this meeting, you will learn about the town’s land use and zoning requirements, standards, development improvements, and expectations for the approval process. 

Don’t have a plan yet, but want to learn more about your property? This meeting is ideal for due diligence gathering or discussing a concept with staff before drawing up plans. 

Following the general inquiry meeting, applicants can move forward with drawing plans and conducting special studies (such as traffic studies, sanitary sewer studies, and fire flow analyses) in anticipation of making a formal submittal.

Sketch Plan (Pre-Submittal) Meetings

Sketch plan (pre-submittal) meetings provide a review of your proposed land use or development/subdivision before you make a formal submittal. After reviewing your preliminary land use and development design ideas, Town staff may provide recommendations that direct your proposal toward full compliance with the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO), Engineering Design & Construction Standards, and the Comprehensive Plan. 

Sketch plan meetings are required for the following application types: 

  • Development plans 
  • Major subdivision plans
  • Special use permits 
  • Rezoning (General Use and Conditional Zoning districts)
Pre-Submittal Meetings

What to Expect During These Meetings 

Town staff and applicant discussion focuses on ways to support progress towards making a formal application for development. 

The following types of information are usually shared during these meetings: 

  • Comprehensive Plan designations for the area (land use designation, parks and greenways, development policies, etc.)
  • Site design/zoning district requirements 
  • Whether a request for a zoning map change to a different zoning district may be considered 
  • Whether annexation will be required
  • Level of architectural standards that will be required
  • Type(s) of development petition(s) that should be filed 
  • Timeline for the review of the proposed project
  • Applicable applications/petitions and fees that will be required 
  • Utility/infrastructure requirements
  • Construction process, fees, etc. 

Who Should Attend the Meetings? 

  • Petitioner/Applicant 
  • Developer 
  • Project team - engineer, site designer, landscape architect, architect, etc. 
  • Property owner

What to Provide Before the Meetings

General Inquiry Meeting

  • Key questions for Town staff 
  • Concept plan. While not required, a concept plan can be helpful. 
    • The plan can be hand sketched, preferably to a measurable scale, and should include: 
      • lot location(s) and size 
      • approximate building size and placement on lot 
      • number of buildings, proposed lots, proposed roads and pedestrian circulation 
      • phasing information 
      • open space. 
  • Anticipated project schedule/submittal date, if known.

Sketch Plan (Pre-Submittal) Meeting

  • Key questions for Town staff 
  • Concept plans – Concept plans and elevations must be provided in advance if those elements are required with the forthcoming application submittal. 
    • site plan 
    • proposed use 
    • building/lot layout 
    • open spaces 
    • landscape plan 
    • utility plans 
    • roadway improvement plans 
    • building elevations (non-residential developments) 
  • Natural Resources Inventory Form 
  • Special study forms – These forms are required to determine if a traffic study and sanitary sewer study are required with a forthcoming application submittal. Make sure the scope of the study is finalized prior to this meeting. 
  •  Anticipated project schedule/submittal date, if known.

When are Meetings Held?

  • Meetings are usually scheduled for 2-3 weeks after they have been requested. 
    • General Inquiry Meetings: Wednesday afternoons 
    • Sketch Plan (Pre-Submittal) Meetings: Thursday afternoons 
  • 45-minute time slots are arranged on a first-come, first-served basis. 
  • Meetings are conducted virtually. There is no fee for this service. 

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