Real Estate and Personal Property Tax Information

  • The Town of Holly Springs currently has a property (ad valorem) tax rate of 42.16 cents per $100 of the property’s value.
  • In accordance with North Carolina law, the Town levies property taxes. These taxes are separate from those levied by Wake County. The taxes are due on September 1. These taxes are based on assessed values as of January 1.
  • The Wake County Department of Tax Administration is responsible for listing, appraising and assessing all real estate and personal property taxes within Wake County and their service districts. Wake County also collects all current and delinquent property taxes. 
    • Any questions concerning your property tax billing or assessments should be directed to Wake County at (919)-856-5400
  • You may pay real estate and personal property taxes at the Town of Holly Springs in the Finance Department.  The Town only accepts payments at this location.  Adjustments to property tax bills cannot be made at this location.  
    • You can pay your tax bill by check or cash only.  Please bring your Wake County tax bill or account number with you when you come to pay.

Vehicle Decal Fees

  • The Town levies a vehicle fee for street and road maintenance, which shows on the tax bill as a Vehicle Decal Fee. The fee is $25 and is included on your property tax bill from Wake County.