Water Meters

Household Usage & Irrigation

How to establish or disconnect water service.

The Finance Department uses scanners to collect data electronically from meters to determine monthly charges for service.

Questions about Your Water Bill?

Call the Finance Department at (919) 557-3925 and enter option 3.

Common causes for unusually high bills include:

  • Running toilets - How to check (See Answer #1.)
  • Leaks between your water meter and the home.
    • Leaks between the meter and the home are the customer's responsibility.
    • Leaks between the meter and the street do not affect the meter reading, since the leaking water does not pass through it. 
    • Please report waterline breaks between the meter and the street at (919)-557-3925 and enter option 7.

Meter Types

  • Primary water meters - Measure water flowing into a home, business or office. These are used to determine water and sewer charges.
  • Irrigation meters - Available for automatic systems for lawn and landscaping irrigation. Customers do not pay wastewater charges. 
  • Reclaimed water meters - These are purple and measure the amount of reclaimed water used by a residence, business or office.