Budget and Financial Reports

The Town of Holly Springs Prioritizes Investments in Water, Parks and Emergency Preparedness

In alignment with the Town of Holly Springs’ strategic priorities for the future, the budget for the 2023-2024 fiscal year prioritizes investments in water, parks, and emergency preparedness. The $93.8 million is a 6% increase from last year. The Town continues to enjoy strong economic growth and is making the investments needed today to keep up with the increasing needs of a growing community.

More information about the Fiscal Year 2023-2024 budget

Watch the video, below, to learn more about the Town's future water supply needs.

The Holly Springs Town Council is moving forward with plans to place a $100 million Parks Bond on the November 2023 ballot. On Nov. 7, voters will have the opportunity to decide on a bond to develop a 56-acre park and upgrade park facilities throughout Holly Springs. As part of the process before the bond referendum, a Statement of Disclosure on General Obligation Bonds has been issued by the Town. This document outlines the Town’s financial standing in relationship to the proposed bond referendum and preliminary information regarding the impacts on the Town and residents if the referendum passes in November. Click here to view the document.

Past Budget Documents

Other Financial Reports & Documents

Annual Comprehensive Financial Report

The Annual Comprehensive Financial Report is the official statement of the Town's financial position on June 30, at the close of the fiscal year.

Capital Improvements Plan

Inspection Fee Revenue and Expense Report

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