Hydrant Meter Assembly Application

Hydrant meter assemblies are offered to customers to obtain water for non-drinking use in a safe and legal manner.

A two (2) business day notification is required for all fire hydrant meter assembly requests.

  • Call (919) 577-3150 for all inquiries related to hydrant meter assemblies, temporary fire hydrant connection service, and availability, or reach us by email at hydrantmeter@hollyspringsnc.gov.
    • Complete the application online (below). The Finance Department will then contact you to collect the deposit, rental fee and meter set up fee.
  • In most cases fire hydrant meter assemblies can be installed within five (5) business days of receipt of payment.

Fee Schedule

  • Deposit: $1,500.00 (Refundable: Deposit refunds can take up to 30 days for processing pending damages.)
  • Rental Fee: $25/per day $350/per month
  • Hydrant Meter Set-up Fee (initial or relocation) $75
  • Hydrant Meter Reading Fee $35
  • Hydrant Meter Damage Fee $55
  • Hydrant Meter Bill Late Payment Charge $10
  • Consumption Rate: $25 + $8.06 /1,000 gals