Code Compliance

Contact staff for help enforcing town regulations regarding compliance with town codes. Staff is able to assist with the following items, as outlined in the Holly Springs Code of Ordinances.


Abandoned Vehicle

  • Vehicle has been left upon a street or highway in violation of a law or ordinance prohibiting parking. 
  • Is left on property owned or operated by the Town for longer than 24 hours and without consent of the Town. 
  • Is left on private property without the consent of the owner of occupant or lessee thereof for longer than two hours. 
  • Is left on any public street or highway for longer than seven days without valid registration or license plate. 

Junked Motor Vehicle

  • Is partially dismantled or wrecked. 
  • Cannot be self-propelled or moved in the manner in which it was originally intended to move. 
  • Is more than five years old and appears to be worth less than $100. 

Nuisance Vehicle

  • A breeding ground or harbor for mosquitoes, other insects, rats or other pests. 
  • A point of heavy growth of weeds or other noxious vegetation over eight inches tall. 
  • A point of collections of pools or ponds of water. 
  • A point of concentration of quantities of gasoline, oil or other flammable or explosive as evidenced by odor. 
  • Which has areas of confinement which cannot be operated from the inside, such as trunks, hoods, etc. 
  • Situated or located that there is a danger of it falling or turning over. 
  • Any other vehicle specifically declared a health and safety hazard or a public nuisance by the town council. 
  • Used by children in play activities. 
  • So offensive in sight as to damage the community, neighborhood or area appearance, upon a finding by proper officials of the planning and development department that such aesthetic regulation is necessary and desirable for the protection of property values, promotion of tourism, indirect protection of health and safety, preservation of the character and integrity of the community. 

Junk / Trash/ Rubbish

  • Any accumulation or rubbish, trash or junk causing or threatening to cause a fire hazard or causing or threatening to cause the accumulation of stagnant water, or causing or threatening to cause the inhabitation therein or rate, mice, snakes, or vermin of any kind which is or may be dangerous or prejudicial to the public health. 

Weeds and Tall Grass

  • Uncontrolled growth of noxious weeds or grass to a height in excess of twelve inches causing or threatening to cause a hazard detrimental to the public health or safety.
  • Any accumulation of dead weeds, grass or brush on any lot, regardless of size. 
  • Any type of vegetation which impairs the sight triangle at an intersection or impedes the view of traffic on a road. 


  • Signs with moving or revolving or rotating parts or gives off illusion of movement.
  • Signs with illumination.
  • Sight which obstruct view or easily confused with any authorized traffic sign, signal or device using the words, “stop”, “look”, “danger”, which may mislead or confuse traffic. 
  • Erected, constructed, or located within the sight distance requirements of the town engineering design and construction standards. 
  • Signs/ Sign structures erected, posted, hung, painted on utility poles, structures or boxes, trees, fences, or public or private sign or sign structure. 
  • Located closer then five feet from the edge of pavement or curb, whichever is more. 

Minimum Housing

  • Broken windows/ doors 
  • Plumbing fixtures shall meet the standards of the town plumbing code and in a state of good repair 
  • Heating system must have a minimum temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit (AC is not required.) 
  • Electrical system must meet the standards of the town electrical code and in a state of good repair. 
  • Leaking roofs 
  • Soft flooring system 
  • Interior walls, doors, and ceilings 
  • Exterior foundation, walls and roof 
  • Infestation/ rodent control